Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Road

Cormac McCarthy, 2008 winner. I liked this book even though it was depressing and dreary. It was interesting to veer back and forth with the two characters ups and downs. How we as humans try to survive and keep those we love with us no matter what the situation. I was more engrossed in these two characters whose names I never knew than most I've met recently. Another motif that struck me was the good versus evil. "Are we the good ones, Papa?" Yes. If we're the good ones why aren't we helping those more unfortunate? If we're the good ones why are bad things happening to us? If we're the good ones things will turn out okay, right? Are the bads ones bad because they are doing what they need to do to survive? Are the good ones rationalizing what they do in order to survive. At that point who is making the determination as to who is good and who is bad? This book raised more questions for me than any I've read in a while. My husband and I watched the movie and interestingly enough he commented on the apocolypse. I never even thought about it. Of course it could happen but I think really that it can seem to happen to one person in the midst of life today. One person can feel that lonely and scared and have the weight of survival and survival with dependents without the world ending. Sometimes life is just that hard. In the meantime I've read:
A portrait of a Young Man as an Addict
A cure for Dreams
Never Let me Go
Outside of August
Next is Tinkers, 2010 winner. Happy reading!

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