Friday, August 6, 2010


Here we go! I've decided to read all the Pulitzer Prize Winners from 1948 to present. Why? Simple enough. Because I like to read, because I like to read a lot, because I enjoy good liererature and because I became tired of psudo-reader's suggestions of "good" books. I plan to alternate between the old and the new. I think this will give me an interesting perspective on what constitutes an award winner. Some I have already read but I plan to reread any that are even faintly sketchy in my memeory.
     I started withe Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.I know, not the beginning or the ending of the list. Prize winner in 2003. I just happened to have it on my nightstand so it seemed like a good place to start. I loved this book. The year 2003 was also the year that my youngest son died. I was not surprised that I hadn't read this book. Coming from a liberal childhood, the subject matter did not shock, apppall nor turn me off in any way. Instead I found myself thinking about the loss of a child (naturally) and the effects of that on the family. Even though Tessie didn't literally lose her little girl she did in a bigger sense. And yes, she did gain a son. But still I imagine she must have mourned her loss. Calliope seemed to be in a grieving state throughtout most of the book as only one who has changed genders can grieve.
     Another facet of the book that I found interesting was the innate fight of parents against change. And probably not just parents. We humans like things to remain the same and by god if the doctor said Callie was a girl she should remain a girl no matter what. The courage it takes a person to go against the norm is always amazing to me. Quite a story.

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